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Get 3-times more income than with Adsense

Did you try to get your Google Adsense website approved? But you got rejected? Don’t worry. You are here to get the Best Google Adsense Alternative in 2020. For bloggers that have blogs and for any other website. The Google Adsense Alternative is for websites and blogs from every country. For example for India traffic and websites with high CPM. Here you will find the best Google Adsense Alternative in 2020 because you will earn 2 or 3 times more than with Adsense.

Google Adsense isn’t always the Highest Paying Ad Network. Now in 2020, there are other good Google Adsense Alternatives to monetize your traffic and website that also pay well. We researched and tested more than 20 ad networks. With this Google Adsense Alternative in 2020, you can earn 2 or 3 times more than with Adsense. Here we will reveal and give some information about the best Adsense Alternatives that we tried. So, what’s the best Google Adsense Alternative in 2020 at the moment?

The Google Adsense Alternative in 2020:

We decided that TheMoneyTizer is the best Adsense alternative. For 3 reasons: Highest Paying per 1000 impressions (CPM) and high CPC, best support and easy to get approved. I’ve been using TheMoneyTizer for months on other websites and they always gave the best results and have the most formats to use. All responsive and well optimized.

TheMoneyTizer Adsense Alternative Image
This image is from themoneytizer.com and we give them all credit.

The dream of every blogger or website owner is to get approved on Adsense and earn money. But, not all people think about Adsense alternatives. With TheMoneyTizer, people are earning 2 or 3 times more than with Google Adsense. This is truly the best Adsense Alternative 2020. They have even more ads to choose from: more banner type ads and pop-up ads. You can put also unlimited ads on a single page. The recommendation is to put 3 ads on a single page for a better CPM but you can also put 10 ads and get 10 times more impressions = revenue.

Get 3 times more earnings with TheMoneyTizer! Best Google Adsense Alternative in 2020

TheMoneyTizer is a partner of Adsense but with better support, more formats to add to your website, fewer rules, easy approval and the best: More Earnings! Double or triple your earnings switching/using TheMoneyTizer! Every website gets fast and easily approved, and you earn more than Adsense. You can see all the proof that you can earn more than TheMoneyTizer if you scroll a little bit down. Start monetizing your website now!

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TheMoneyTizer is paying 2-3 times more than Adsense – Best Google Adsense Alternative in 2020

TheMoneyTizer is actually paying more than Google Adsense. Using TheMoneyTizer, you can increase your earnings. There are people who earn 3 times more with TheMoneyTizer than with Adsense. You can watch this video: Switch Google Adsense to TheMoneytizer to Get 3-times Income on Websites.

Here some screenshots for proof:

Earnings from Adsense for 30 days:

Google Adsense Earnings Proof Image

Earnings from TheMoneyTizer for 30 days:

TheMoneyTizer Earnings Proof Image

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More Proof:

TheMoneyTizer: 221,48

TheMoneyTizer earnings Proof Image
This image is from comovivirdetublog.com and we give them all credit.

Adsense: 106,99€

Adsense earnings Proof Image
This image is from comovivirdetublog.com and we give them all credit.

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What criteria determine the CPM on my website?

The value of the CPM of your website depends on several criteria:

– Your audience. Some audiences have a lot more value than others from the advertiser’s point of view.
Example: If your website is mainly used by people with low purchasing power, the value of each visitor is also low. On the opposite, if your website/blog attracts users with a high purchasing power, the CPM will be higher.

– The performance of the ads on your pages. Even on a CPM payment basis, advertisers’ bids will be higher if your ad units have a good click-through rate or if they often lead to purchases. Hence the importance of properly placing your ad units so that they are visible.

– The seasonality. The header bidding algorithm developed by The Moneytizer places thousands of advertisers into a bidding competition for your ad spaces. The value of the CPM, therefore, depends on the cost they are willing to pay to display ads on your website. Before Christmas, for example, the quantity of advertising campaigns inflates CPMs due to overall demand increase.

google adsense alternative in 2020

How does TheMoneyTizer have Adsense ads?

TheMoneyTizer is an Adsense Partner. They are working together, so TheMoneyTizer has access to Adsense Ads and Advertisers. The more Advertisers Google Adsense has, the more advertisers TheMoneyTizer also has. But TheMoneyTizer has a lot of other Partners as well, not only Adsense. Other big partners are Outbrain and Taboola and apart from these and adsense, they also have more than 1000+ smaller partners. That’s how they can give formats like pop-up and video. And they also have more banners and native formats than Adsense, they have more than 20 formats to choose from with high CPM. And for users with high traffic they can give premium formats also.

If you have any question, you can check their FAQ or contact us.

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How to get approved? What websites are allowed?

There aren’t really requirements to get approved. They just review your website and if the website is working fine they will approve you. TheMoneyTizer is accepting websites very easily. The application process usually takes less than a day but it can take up to 3 days in some cases. When you submit your website, you will have to add a code for the cookies and an ads.txt file. When you do that and verify it, the processing time will start. If you don’t do that, your website won’t get approved. You can also add the cookies thing and ads.txt with WordPress. To do it with WordPress, you can do it manually or read the instructions by clicking here.

You can also just read the instructions here:

The Moneytizer’s tech team has developed a plugin to facilitate the integration of your ad units on your website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-moneytizer/. https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/the-moneytizer/

From the plugin, you can: – Register new websites – Ask for new formats – See your daily stats

google adsense alternative in 2020

CPC and CPM? How does it exactly work?

TheMoneyTizer attributes both clicks and impressions to your earnings. However, for the sake of simplicity, the ad network only displays the CPM metric. All click earnings are converted to CPM. So, for example: If you have $5 CPM but instead of 100 clicks you get 1000 clicks, your CPM will increase a lot. It can increases up to more than $10 if you get a good CTR (Click-through rate).

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Some Information about TheMoneyTizer

TheMoneyTizer is partnered with Google Adsense. They are using Google Adsense ads and have even more ads. You can choose between more native formats and pop-ups.

You will get paid by CPC and CPM. In the dashboard you can only see your earnings and CPM but if you get a lot of clicks, your CPM will increase.

TheMoneyTizer has also a 100% fill rate and pays for every visit from every country.

You can get easily approved without any requirements. Your website will be reviewed within 24 to 72 hours.

  • Tier1 countries: CPM up to $5-$10
  • Tier2 CPM up to $2-$5
  • Tier3 countries CPM up to $0.4-$2
  • 24/7 Phone, live chat, and e-mail support
  • Everyone gets fast approved
  • 100% Fillrate

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Payments Details:

  • Every month payments
  • Minimum Payout $50
  • Payments Methods: Paypal & Bank Transfer
  • Payments are made every 10th of the month
  • Your payment will be created on the 10th of every month and paid 2 months after.
google adsense alternative in 2020

As soon as you have reached 50 euros of earnings, an invoice is sent on the 10th of the month. Payment will be made automatically by bank transfer or PayPal 60 days after the billing invoice. You do not need to ask for payment, everything is automatic.

Why does it take so long to get paid? TheMoneytizer would like to pay you sooner but this is the rate in which their partners pay them.

Here a screenshot about how the payments work:

Payments Informations TheMoneyTizer Image
This image is from themoneytizer.com and we give them all credit.
Click here - to watch a TheMoneyTizer Video fore more information 
For more information about TheMoneyTizer check their FAQ or contact us

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